About Tutobytes

To build your career in the world of technology, Maths and Science are the cornerstones of your education. While most of the students are back-stepped in their careers with the fear of poor knowledge in the mainstream subjects, TuTOBytes is into the field to make students smart, intelligent, and achieve their dreams with a strong foundation. 

TuTOBytes – founded by Vidya Sagar Gunturi (Alumni of IIT Kharagpur) and Tripura S Srirangam (Alumni of IIIT Bangalore) has marked its place in Deepthisrinagar, Hyderabad in 2016. With a passion to teach students and make them learn with zeal, we are here to help them do calculations with smart methodologies, chemical reactions with intelligence, and enhance their aptitude and logical reasoning ability. Furthermore, if we go through the current CBSE curriculum, basics in detail will not be focused and their teaching approach will be mainly stressed on the syllabus. This creates a huge gap in the students’ education.


TuTOBytes – one of the best training institutes in Hyderabad provides Basic Maths and Science tutoring programs that create a strong foundation in your child’s education. Also, if you are a returnee from Singapore and the USA, then TuTOBytes provides online tutoring programs for CBSE Maths and Science. With our practical teaching approach by experts, we have 100% results since our foundation year and most of our students have secured top marks in Maths and Science. 

We offer online and offline tutoring and coaching programs to Grade 7th to Grade 10th – an important phase needs to be dedicated for their overall development. In addition, we believe that concept clarity is what makes them love the subject. So, our unique techniques will make them visualize and understand the concept in depth along with the basics. One-on-one mentor and student interaction also follow in line for doubt clearance, concept clarity, confidence-boosting, tips, and tricks to improve scores. 

Meet Our Team


Vidya Sagar Gunturi

Founder of TUTOBYTES

Tripura S Srirangam

Founder of TUTOBYTES

Padma Kandepu

Heading Science


Supporting Mathematics