Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Principle of Growth: We believe that, the student’s learning curve more depends upon multiple factors like

  •  Student’s Potentiality/Interest/Focus & the Environment — 60% weightage will be given to student’s role.
  •  Parents focus to invest their time/attention upon their kids — 25% weightage will be given for Parent’s role.
  •  School & Teachers — 15% weightage will be given for all other factors.

We expect every parent to be in-line with our definition “Principle of Growth”. Parents and TutoBytes need to have a common understanding, so that we can work together for the betterment of the Student and in their learning process.


OUR SIGNATURE COURSE – ( As per Schedule )

  • Maths and Science for 10th Class (CBSE & State Board)

SUMMER Courses

  • Intermediate 1st year – Maths (10 Chapters – in 6 weeks)
  • B2B – Back 2 Basics (Booster – 9 weeks)

  •  Student need to enroll for TutoBytes Assessment Test (TAT).

  • Once the student assessed by TAT, We will be having face-to-face interaction with the parent and student. Thereafter needs to proceed for the admission by filling the Admission form by paying the Fees.

  •  A Student would be confident and can be excelled in higher classes only if they are good in algebraic simplifications.

  •  These simplifications are expected to learn during their 5th, 6th & 7th grades. So, we test their skills in simplification and also the thoroughness in the concepts of the last grade that they studied.

  •  Ex:- BODMAS, Finding LCM & HCF, handling Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Numeric operations, Basic Algebra & approach towards the problem solving.

  •  We have a plan to conduct TAT on every 10 weeks once. TAT can be attempted whenever we conduct, so that the parents can utilize this as to Assesss their child where they stands in the Academic Basics.
  • But, to join the TutoBytes, mostly we may request to come back on the next Academic year. Because, Students may not be able to cope up and we strictly discourage the practice of joining in the mid of the Academic session.
  •  For all our Theory classes, we make sure that Number of students per class should not be more than 15 students.


  • Student need to buy the online course.
  • Once the student enrolled successfully, then we receive the enrollment.Students can login to the system and check the schedules/upcoming clases/assignments & tests. These sessions are pre-scheduled “LIVE” classroom sessions and they will be interactive.
  • Students can attend the class with basic smart device with browsing capability and considerable internet speed (they can attend even from Mobile & mobile data with sufficient data usage). More convenient to attend from anywhere. These sessions are scheulded mostly on the early morning hours, as we don’t encourage the students to be un attended with internet access. Once the classes are over, mostly students doesn’t required the internet access anymore.
  • Syllabus completion & Performance assessment report can be generated and shared with the Parents monthly once to review. We ensure the Syllabus completion / Review sessions on time for every chapter.
  •  Yes, syllabus wise its the same Academic syllabus of CBSE and STATE BOARD would be followed strictly.

  •  Answer would be ‘May be’ and also ‘May not be’ sometimes.
  •  Mostly we would have completed the topic early than the school schedule, then the answer is Yes.
  •  Sometimes, the school may start the topic as a random pick up and then you can find deviation, then answer would be ‘No’.
  •  So, there may be a time, student also should learn “How to manage their learning process?” and its good for them which helps “How to prioritize and manage? “

  •  In the institute, students presence is precious and every individuals time is respected.
  •  If the problem is related to the current topic then the Tutor provides the clarification then and there itself as it would be beneficiary to everyone.
  •  But if its something else we give time after the class for only to those students who need clarification

  •  Generally, on any regular working day, majority of the time is spent at school by the student.

  •  So, on a need basis, we may go for adhoc classes on any Sunday or on Public Holidays and we reserve the right on this. Adhoc classes, will be communicated 24 hours in advance.

  •  As we have less time to work with student, we strictly discourage students missing the classes (especially our Theory classes where we touch all the related concepts from the roots).

  •  If any unavoidable circumstances like sick/events in the school then, we try to support as much as we can depending upon the scope.

  •  Well! We have our own TUTOBYTES ICU series (Periodic exam pattern and schedules).

  •  We take pride in our way of In-detailing the answer sheets and we provide Report Card from our TBICU series.

  •  We only refer this report card to monitor your son/daughter growth.

  •  Yes, we request OPTIONAL PTM once in every 4 weeks and MANDATORY PTM once in every 12 weeks. Apart from this, you will have an opportunity to post your concerns over SMS, mail. Prior appointment is required for Direct interaction. For any interaction, our time slot per appointment is limited to 15 mins ONLY ( point to point conversations ).

  •  We respect your time and we EXPECT the same from you.

  •  Yes, there comes the trust factor between the parent and institute. We are transparent in our process. You can cross check the exam paper standards, answer sheet evaluation, as we share the questions papers and response sheet with parents.
  •  TUTOBYTES is unique in “Maintaining High Quality standards & setting up the Realistic Expectations”.
  • We never hesitate to provide Min marks (which includes 0) as per the Response sheet provided by the student which is in our hand and we do the detailing of the response sheet with appropriate comments to set the realistic expectations and correct/improvise the student’s learning aspect.