Education Services :

Education is an important part of our society, but not everyone has the chance to get a good education. That is why one of the most important things that you can do for yourself and your family is to educate yourselves. Education is an important part of our society, but not everyone has the chance to get a good education. If you want to raise a great family and be successful in your career.

Get more from your education and enjoy lifelong benefits. Whether you enroll in an online, TUTOBYTES on-campus, or distance format program, they can help you earn a degree that will advance your career and open up new opportunities for your future.

Room To Explore : 

Train & Gain


There is a continuous and growing demand for good teachers in the field of Education in our Country. For over more than five decades this Institute has been imparting training to aspiring School Teachers/Lecturers. The aim is to give them the professional knowledge, experience, and skills, which are vital for giving value-added Education to Children of all ages.

 Our training program includes:

· Innovative Teaching methods
· Education on the wheels of Technology
· Classroom, Time & Stress Management
· Kids run 2 schools & walk back home…
· Keep the Spirit UP and HIGH…
· All Teacher Training modules.

We closely associate with:

· Schools
· Colleges
· Any Educational Institute …
At Teacher’s Training we conduct these training programs at regular intervals throughout the year this helps us to maintain a healthy learning environment.

Collaborative Execution.

Just to put an idea here on what is Collaborative Execution…?? This is where I2V (i2v – Team of TutoBytes) will be partnering with you to support your day-to-day operation in your institution or organization.

Some of the Operations like :

· Schedule to run through the Syllabus
· Eagle eye on timely execution…
· Train the teachers to be well equipped
· We provide all Question Papers for all your exams
· Help/train the teachers in answer sheet detailing.
· We Build strategies in execution, based on feedback.

We Collaborate with:

· Any School.
· Intermediate Colleges.
· Any other Educational Institutes …

Out of the Box Services:

We Support you on Various Needs/Activities like We Conduct All Kinds of Mock exams :

· Olympiads ( IMO, NSO )…
· Academic Pre-board exams which include 10th Class and Intermediate…
· All kinds of Aptitude Tests
· Supply All engineering Question Papers for Screening Tests…