How will it work?

Step 1 – Dial 9989024040 or 9989904040

  •  We initiate the discussion with students at the start of the course to understand their needs.
  • The main aim of this discussion is to have a lot of interaction and commitment from the students.
  • Our goal is to improve the educational experience of our students. You will be an active participant in class and you will have a voice that will be heard.
  • The discussion takes about 20 to 30 minutes and allows us to understand individual strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

Step 2 – Detailed Insight

  • Thus in the spirit of transparency and trust, we share the insight that we receive from you/student as feedback.
  • If you/student are comfortable with our recommendations then we can continue working with your/student understanding that our strategy is to put him at the relevant academic pathway.
  • We provide suggestions, guidance, and counseling with the best possible ways to work with us for a “Better Learning Experience”.

Step 3 – Admission Process

  • If the conclusions of the Insight sharing are satisfactory and if mutually agreed with the analysis & recommendations then we may provide our acceptance in admitting the student.
  • Here is the application form that is needed to be filled up.
  • Once you fill this up, we will be able to proceed with the verification process.
  • Once all the process is done and the fee paid as per our norms then we share the details of the timetables or schedules.
  • You can also access the details for Online LIVE Interactive Sessions.