Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  •  ONLINE class may or may not be interactive, but LIVE classes are interactive always.
  •  Student is having an option to interact & discuss with Tutor/teacher then and there itself.

  •  Online LIVE classes – ( as per Schedule )

  • Maths and Science for 9th Class (CBSE & State Board)

  •  Every student will be provided with their user id and password for login.

  •  Students can use the Desktop/Laptop/TAB with smart screen to attend the classes as per the schedule provided. As soon as they login to the portal thy can find a button to Join the subscribed Virtual Class.

  •  Screen is having a small window (approximately 15% area of the screen — 20% width, 15% height ) with vedio where the student can see the Tutor/Teacher.

  •  Below the video window, you can find the message counter and in where you can find two tabs “Class room chat” & “Private chat”, which can be used to chat with the tutor/teacher.

  •  Rest of the window is a digital white board where in teacher can write/present and use this area for the teaching purpose.

  •  Top menu bar may contain the options of vedio/audio controls, raise the hand button, timer etc.

  •  Not encouraging the students to miss the class and we want everyone to attend the class without miss.

  •  Contact us and we complete your admission process.

  •  We never authorized any person/agent to perform any cash/fees transactions on behalf of TutoBytes.

  •  So please contact us directly for any sort of the step for the admission procedure to complete smoothly.


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