About Tutobytes

Tutoring Institute “TUTOBYTES” provides comprehensive and dynamic support to students preparing for competitive Examinations through an online tutoring system. We focus on the unique technique of self-learning, which is fundamental to achieving goals in a fast and sustainable manner. This process of online tutoring improves the ability to solve complex problems and interpret complex texts by developing the sharpness of critical thinking, logical and mathematical skills without limiting themselves from anywhere.

TUTO BYTES has the leading tutoring system for both online tutoring and on-site tutoring and it has opened its doors in Deepthisrinagar (Hyderabad) by 2016 & in Beeramguda (Hyderabad) by 2019. Founded by Alumni of IIT Kharagpur and IIIT-Bangalore, that tutoring center creating its impressions in offering MATHS & SCIENCE and operated by qualified and experienced teachers with a common motivation “ passion for teaching”.

TutoBytes offers both online and on-site courses that are fun, inspirational, and interactive. So if you are looking to give your children the gift of improvement to their numeracy or literacy skills, TutoBytes is the answer.


Our private tutoring programs for grades 7-12 focus on helping students succeed in concepts learning, practicing, revision, with the best online Maths tutor & Science tutors. For our tutors, teaching is not a job it’s a vocation. We focus on every child having the ability to succeed at school, which is why we carefully match each child to a tutor who is qualified and proficient in his area of expertise. At TUTOBYTES, we engage with students on subjects they seem to lose control of. We hone the skills of students through in-depth learning of concepts in a simplified way. Our process emphasizes developing the skills to solve complex problems and interpret texts at a fast pace.

TutoByte Tutors are experienced, dedicated professionals who not only inspire students to succeed in their life but also teach them real-world challenges. Our tutors and staff work together to deliver valued services focused on the students’ happiness, education needs, and overall well-being. Parents can watch their children learn from a tutor online and even record footage to get an idea of what their child is learning as well as how they are interacting with the teacher.



Vidya Sagar Gunturi

Founder of TUTOBYTES

Tripura S Srirangam

Founder of TUTOBYTES